Niles Gear Grinding Machine----From Germany
Most of the gears in our reducers are produced by such machines. Usually the gears produced by the niles could reach 6 level precision,
or even higher.
Okuma CNC   ---From Japan
Okuma CNC is used to process the housing of the reducers. It could help to control the housing sizes very accurate.
Mitutoyo Trilinear Coordinates Measuring Instrument---From Japan
We have the most advanced testing machine to test the housing of the reducers.
The highest precision of this machine could reach 0.0001mm. And the positional accurancy is 0.003mm.
Klingelnberg Gear Testing Machine---From Germany
This machine is worth two million yuan. We have very strict demands to our gears. So the customers who have taken part our reducers said our gears finishing is the best in China.
Performance testing bench for large whole-set gear cases Gear box performance test bench


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