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    Weide is a comprehensive joint ventures specialized in selling reducers and motors. Since the company established, it has been committed to technical innovation and sale of reducers and motors. Developing to now, the company has established oriental equipment manufacturers and technical service centers. Our oriental equipment manufacturers all has complete three big management system certification of quality, environment, occupational health and safety, and has Niles gear grinding machine imported from Germany, OKUMA horizontal machining center imported from Japan, the gear inspection center and three coordinate measuring instrument and a large quantity of domestic advanced equipment and inspection instruments.
    At the present, Weide power has JA,JB,JC series special reducer for automatic welding equipment; B,X series cycloidal pinwheel reducer; ZDY,ZLY,ZSY,ZFY series harden teeth helical gear reducer; DBY,DCY,DFY series harden teeth bevel gear reducer; ZSYF series rubber and plastic rolling combined reducer; ZLYJ, ZSYJ series special reducer for plastic extruding machine; ML,YM internal mixer reducer; H,B series general gearbox; R series helical gear motor; S series helical-worm gear motor; K series helical-bevel gear motor; F series parallel-shaft helical gear motor, three phase asynchronous motor, variable frequency motor, brake motor, and thousands of products, as well as annual capacity of 800,000 speed reducers and 1,200,000 motors, and has all set of technical force in developing, designing, manufacturing non-standard reducers.
    At the present, the products enjoy a high popularity in the domestic and foreign countries, such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, Africa for dozens of countries and regions. In order to improve the global competitiveness of the company's products, the company is vigorously developing the international market, has set up offices in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Southeast Asia, and has set up warehouses and after-sales service stations in some countries and regions.
    In recent years, since established the International Department, the company has new breakthrough in the international market of agriculture and herd industry, food industry, petrochemical industry, mining industry, and building materials industry.
    The Weide people with passion and ideal, adhere to the principle of “trustworthiness cooperation, customer is highest”, continue to deepen customer value, promote the company’s brand influence.


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